Jack and Roll is an alternative method of loading and unloading heavy/oversized structures versus using cranes. Jack and Roll is not a simple procedure that is going to be the same every time. Almost every project is unique and will require an on-site plan before any set up or lifting is done. There are five main types of Jack and Roll projects that you will encounter.

They generally are:
1. Compressor packages
2. Vessels and towers
3. Modular structures
4. Oversized buildings and gas plant structures
5. Transformers

We use a state of the art lifting system complete with jacks, rails and 10 x 10 fir blocking, and mobile equipment. Northland Logistics Corp. can provide a multitude of site specific methods of hoisting from J & R to craning. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced operators and riggers that get the job done safely and efficiently every


At Northland Logistics Corp. we can provide crane and hoisting solutions to our clients. Our resources consist of modern technologically and advanced equipment which includes Pickers, All Terrain Cranes with remote control capability in addition to Crawler Cranes with lifting capacities of up to 300 ton. We can also provide clients with comprehensive 3D lift planning and rigging. We are committed to providing consistent, cost effective services while maintaining uncompromised levels of safety and ensuring we minimize our impact to the environment.